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"I never heard the car until it was too late!"
Traditional headphones prevent you from hearing the car that might hit you, or the attacker coming from behind.
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Hi! We're Sarah and Alex! 
We want to tell you about a new product that you will truly enjoy AND it can save your life!
If you're like us, you love to listen to music or a great podcast. Traditional headphones or earbuds are great if you are sitting in a coffee shop...
BUT, here’s the problem…
Wearing headphones outdoors puts you at risk, because they shut out the world and prevent you from hearing potential dangers, such as traffic, animals and other risks.

Women especially need to stay aware of their surroundings because of the risk of personal assault.

It only takes a split second for your life to change forever.
In 2017 alone, almost 800 bicyclists and nearly 6,000 pedestrians died in traffic accidents and thousands more were injured.
The key for your personal safety is for you to remain AWARE of what’s going on around you!
If you’re wearing headphones you block out all the ambient sound. But our bodies are naturally designed to have all of our senses working together to keep us safe.

Even the smallest sound that’s out of place can cause us to quickly glance over to see if something is going to be a threat to us. And this little action can give us extra seconds to react, and that can make all the difference in the world.

That's why we created...
"Women especially need to stay aware of their surroundings because of the risk of personal assault."
ZULU Wearable Speakers!
ZULUs are wireless, wearable speakers that attach securely to your jacket or shirt with strong magnets.
ZULU Wearable Speakers surround you with amazing, immersive sound while allowing you to remain fully aware of your surroundings.
So you can listen to your favorite music or audiobook, while also...
...hearing the car that's coming too close...
Or the dog that is barking, or a person who is coming up from behind you.
"As a mom, I love ZULUs because I can listen to music while paying attention to my children in the next room or when they’re on the playground."
The FIRST comment we get from our customers is that the ZULU sound quality is AMAZING!

It’s a different experience than having something plugged into your ears. ZULUs produce a vibrant sound, and this sound surrounds you. You’re immersed in it, and it becomes a part of your world.
We use the highest quality components...
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One last thing...
Don't forget that ZULUs make perfect gifts!
Buy a pair for your son...
...your husband or brother...
...your wife or sister...
Most Importantly...
If you have a friend or loved one in the military, buy a pair for them. Military personnel are not allowed to wear headphones or earbuds on base at any time. And this is actually why we developed ZULUs in the first place.

We know you are going to LOVE your ZULUs!
Molly & Juan
Frequently Asked Questions...
How do they attach?
Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers attach directly to your clothing using strong magnets. You can position them anywhere and they never come off.

Why would I use them instead of headphones?
Headphones are great when you want to shut out the world. But, not when you need to stay aware of what's going on around you. Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers keep you connected to the world. 

Are they loud enough?
Yep. They're plenty loud. They sit right under your ears so you'll be able to hear the amazing sound quality in the city, on the trails, in the back country or wherever else your lifestyle takes you.

Can I answer my phone while wearing them?
Yes! They have a built-in microphone so you can make and receive calls while listening to your ZULUs!
Am I going to annoy people around me?
Nope. Another great thing about the magnets is that you can position the speakers any way you want. When you're in a crowd, point them directly up at your ears. You'll be able to hear them clearly at lower volumes without anyone else knowing you even have them on.

Are there places they don't work?
A few. We don't recommend using them in tight confined areas like airplanes, trains or subways (this is where you'd want noise-cancelling headphones.) We also don't recommend using them at a gym or other places where background music is already playing. 

Where can I get them? 
Right here... > Get Your Zulus Today!

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